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Top 5 tips for choosing sunscreens - without controversial ingredients
Top 5 tips for choosing sunscreen - without controversial ingredients
When choosing your sunscreen, it’s important to consider the ingredients it contains. Many sunscreen...
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PFAS, Forever Chemical, PFAS in cosmetics, PFAS beauty products,, dirty dozen
PFAS in Cosmetics - Shielding Your Beauty Routine from "Forever Chemicals"
PFAS – Forever Chemicals In this society concerned by low quality items, that sometimes don’t even...
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Saltair Conditioning Lip Oil Balm
Unveiling the Truth: Debunking Controversial Ingredients in SALTAIR's Lip Oil Balm
Conditioning Lip Oil Balm -15ml, 9$ Saltair’s Lip Oil Balm under the spotlight Lip oils have become...
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Endocrine Disruptors
Endocrine disruptors in cosmetics - how can we avoid them?
Endocrine disruptors in cosmetics and beauty products : how to avoid them? Some basic explanations about...
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Amika Soulfood Mask
AMIKA hair mask : Controversial Ingredients Found in product Claiming 'Clean Formula'
AMIKA SOULFOOD nourishing hair mask Lipstick -32$ We all love to take care of our hair with natural products....
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Decoding Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin: Unveiling Controversial Ingredients in LA ROCHE POSAY Moisturizer
TOLERIANE ROSALIAC AR SPF30 Moisturiser 50 ml  – 24,00 € Sensitive skin is generally prone to redness,...
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Bexident-Anti-Cavity Mouthwash-with-CPC
Unveiling the Truth: Mouthwash Product Test Reveals Toxic or Polluting Ingredients and Safe Alternatives
 Mouthwash Product Test Which products should you choose for healthy, environmentally-friendly oral hygiene? In...
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Unveiling the Hidden Menace: Battling Microplastics in Cosmetics for a Plastic Pollution-free Beauty Routine
  Microplastics & cosmetics Plastic isn’t exactly fantastic – even for cosmetics! Microplastics...
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Caia, Caia Lipstick, controversial ingredients, beauty products, dirty dozen, microplastics
CAIA Lipstick Ingredient Check: Unveiling the Truth about harmful Ingredients and Essential Tips for Choosing Safer, Eco-Friendly Lipsticks
CAIA OWE YOU NOTHING Lipstick -19€   CAIA Lipstick under the Spotlight When it comes to enhancing...
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Cosmetic Truth of the Month: L’Oréal Cell Renew Revitalising Day Cream
L’Oréal Cell Renew Revitalising Day Cream, SPF30 –50 ml €   No need to present the L’Oréal...
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GARNIER Sensitive Spray Solaire
Cosmetic Truth of the Month: GARNIER Ambre Solaire Kids Water Resistant
Garnier Ambre Solaire, cosmetic truth of the month GARNIER Ambre Solaire Kids Water Resistant Sun Cream...
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Titanium Dioxyde in beauty products : is it safe ?
TITANIUM DIOXIDE and cosmetics - Why is it a controversial subject?
TITANIUM DIOXIDE: What exactly is it? Titanium dioxide is a white inorganic compound used as a white...
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