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GARNIER Sensitive Spray Solaire
Cosmetic Truth of the Month: GARNIER Ambre Solaire Kids Water Resistant
Garnier Ambre Solaire, cosmetic truth of the month GARNIER Ambre Solaire Kids Water Resistant Sun Cream...
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PFAS, poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances : «Forever Chemicals», an invasive, underestimated problem.… that also concerns cosmetic products
PFAS & Forever Chemicals In this society concerned by low quality items, that sometimes don’t even...
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TITANIUM DIOXIDE and cosmetics. Why is it a controversial subject?
Let’s review the situation: What exactly is it? Titanium dioxide is a mineral which belongs to the iron...
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Dr Bronner's : natural soaps and much more... a brand with values that make a difference...
Olivier Vinot, Dr. Bronner’s France Managing Director | August 2020 Your main focus seems to be around...
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Cosmetic Truth of the Month: FILORGA Optim-Eyes Makeup Remover Serum
FILORGA OPTIM-EYES LOTION Eye Serum Makeup Remover 110 ml,  24,90 € Filorga presents itself as the “the...
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Cosmetic Truth of the month : BRUT Antiperspirant Stick
BRUT Antiperspirant Original Stick 50 ml, 3€   Some cosmetic products have no explanations or presentations,...
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Madara Organic Skincare : blending northern tradition with innovation...
Interview with Madara Organic Skincare Founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere  Madara Cosmetics seems to be...
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Cosmetic Truth of the month : NUXE Fondant Shower Gel
NUXE Body Fondant Shower Gel With almond and orange flower petals Fine soap-free foam 400 ml , 8,80 €   NUXE...
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Cosmetic Truth of the Month: DIOR Forever Undercover Foundation
DIORSKIN Forever Undercover 24 Hour Full-Coverage Foundation 30 ml, 45,50 € (price per litre: 1 517 €/l)   Product...
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Do cosmetics containing essential oil components have bad press, especially in France?
There are many warnings in the press regarding essential oils. Some are justified and some are so exaggerated...
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The Cosmetic « Match » : comparing two shampoos for curly and frizzy hair
 Two shampoos for curly and frizzy hair confronting each other in a cosmetic « match ». « Dark N Lovely »...
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Pick of the month : claim and… reality. Biolane wipes closely scrutinized
BIOLANE Pocket Wipes Face & Hands 50g, 1,42 €   Cosmetic wipes are, -as such-, not considered...
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